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1. Wardrobe
The clothes hang in the closet. There are different sets for girls and boys, with 5 pieces of clothing in each set.

2. Bed
You can start playing with the book from this page: in the evening the child goes to bed with their favourite toy, and you can read them a bed-time story. In the morning, it’s waking up (you can come up with funny stories about waking up). Don’t forget to do some morning exercise! And then we go to the closet to choose the clothes for the day.
3. Bathroom
On this page we teach the child the rules of personal hygiene: they wash their faces and brush their teeth.
4. Breakfast
Here we learn how to use a fork and a knife.
5. Sneakers
Here — how to tie one’s shoe laces.
6. A boy's face
A boy can try on a beard, moustache, and a variety of headdresses.
6. A girl's face
Learning to make braids. You can create different hair styles and try on a variety of necklaces.
7. Garden
We are collecting the harvest, learning where different fruit and vegetables grow, and learning to count.
8. Laundry
After a walk in the garden, if you drabble, you will need to wash your clothes. There are different sets of clothes for boys and girls.
9. Frog
A frog is catching flies with its magnetic tongue.
10. Clocks
The bells are ringing, the hands of the clocks are spinning. We can try to learn how to tell the time, or at least learn numbers.
11. Flowers
We are watering flowers and watching a wonder happen: the poppy comes into bloom (we hook new colours onto a large and convenient button), a tulip opens up and if you place a little seed of a sunflower into the ground and water it, a small flower will grow in its place.
12. Cosmos
We use a rocket to travel around different planets and stars. Depending on how you order the stars, you can ‘draw’ different shapes: small and large triangles, a square, trapezoids. The photo shows the most difficult shape – a star.
13. Labyrinth
We learn what cats, dogs and birds eat. Each animal has to use the thread to get to its food. You can change the placing of the threads, creating a new labyrinth every time.
14. House
We learn different shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle. In the end, we build a house and a dog-house.
15. Tic-Tac-Toe
A traditional, but a never-aging game. You can create new combinations every time.
16. Peacock
We learn different colours of the rainbow and letters at the same time. This is an English proverb about the rainbow. Letters in English!
17. Puzzle
The jigsaw turned out to be difficult. To begin with, you can switch just 4, or even 2 fragments.
18. Sea
We catch fish with a rod, study sea creatures and tell different stories about the sea. You can play this game: whoever catches a gold fish, wins.
19. Leaves
We walk around the forest, looking for berries and mushrooms. But you might come across an amanita, a snail or a butterfly. The one who makes the most of edible finds, wins.
20. Traffic lights
We learn traffic rules. When the red light comes on – the cars drive; when the green light comes on – we walk. You can take a human figure from the first pages.


  • Great at developing fine motor skills, as well as imagination and a sense of beauty!
  • Everyone knows that learning happens best through play. Brushing teeth, tying shoe laces, how pieces of cutlery should be put around the plate and much more - all of this is on the pages of the book.
  • Each page of the book is interactive - the child can pull, stroke, and play with each element.
  • Children are very fond of stories about themselves, and with the help of this book their wonderful mothers will be able to tell children fun and informative stories about themselves.
  • We make the little person in the book have the same hair as your child.
  • You can select any pages and any number of pages. The only condition is that the number of pages should be a multiple of 2. All pages can be found in the album "Pages to choose".
  • The book is made of cotton fabrics and felt, and is ecologically safe for children.
  • Age: for children from 1 year up to ... Well, we aren’t sure ourselves! Our littlest "client" was not yet born, with the book being given as a baby shower present. Our «oldest» client was 10 years old, and the mother wrote to us saying that her daughter was delighted..
  Our recommendations:
Our Miracle Book was created for an adult and a child to play together. Viewing of the book can, for example, be turned into a bed-time tradition. The book is sure to please the child if you play with it together. A mother can transform the pages of the book into interesting stories about her child time and time again with her words and imagination.
  How to place an order:
1. Send us an e-mail to yarra-kids@yandex.ru. Make sure to specify:
- the name of the child
- the colour of the hair and eyes
- the address, the phone number and name of the recipient
2. The name of the pages you want to order.
3. Wait for our response to confirm and clarify the details.
4. Make a payment stating the «child's name» as a comment.

Prices ($)
A book of 10 pages - 98$. The cover comes as a free gift.
Each additional page - 10$.
A large book of 20 pages (as in the video) - 176$.

Prices (€)
A book of 10 pages - 82€. The cover comes as a free gift.
Each additional page - 8€.
A large book of 20 pages (as in the video) - 147€.

Prices (£)
A book of 10 pages - 69£. The cover comes as a free gift.
Each additional page - 7£.
A large book of 20 pages (as in the video) - 125£.




Russian Post
Regular delivery worldwide - 20$/ 17€ / 14£
Express delivery - special prices to each country.

  Precautions: a supervision of an adult is required, as the book contains small parts..
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